Halite Info đź’•

I’m so excited to have finally gotten my hands on some beautiful & affordable Pink Halite. These stunning clusters were mined in Searles Valley, California a few months ago. 

What you need to know before purchasing 

 Halite is a salt mineral, meaning it WILL dissolve if it gets wet or is exposed to humidity. It does have a fishy / sulfury smell that fades over time. DO NOT lick these rocks & keep out of direct sunlight.

The pink coloration is caused by a dead bacteria. These were dug a few months ago so there still may be moisture inside the rocks, you can keep them with a silica packet to help absorb any moisture

Spiritual Benefits    
When used in meditation, Pink Halite can help to bring about a deep sense of connection with the Earth and our place within it. This is due to the crystal’s unique property to connect us with Earth as a result of the high mineral content of the salt is said to help ground us and provide a sense of stability. These attributes make Pink Halite an excellent crystal for meditation and prayer. The calming energy of the salt is said to help focus the mind and promote a sense of peace and well-being.