Crystals For Self Love & Confidence

Reminder- Experiences differ from person to person, your intentions are very important when working with crystals. They are meant to provide support not treatment.


Rose Quartz- the stone of unconditional love. It radiates gentle, soothing vibrations that regulate your emotions and restore your emotional nature after overwhelming events. It attracts harmonious, long-term relationships by opening your heart chakra. Rose Quartz allows you to open your heart to yourself, your inherent self-worth, and everything that makes you loveable.


Amethyst- This pretty crystal is associated with the third eye and crown chakra, both of which are chakras that help you connect with your highest self and aid in spiritual exploration and enlightenment. This stone is perfect for developing self-worth through spiritual self love. When you grow spiritually, you allow negative energies and emotions such as shame and worthlessness to fall away, making way for self-love to fill you up!


Carnelian- it is the stone of courage, vitality, sexuality, and confidence in action. It is very useful in restoring your sacral chakra and encouraging self-confidence. This stone creates harmony between your mental focus and creative inspiration allowing you to work freely and efficiently. The presence of carnelian can also bring you luck and opportunity.


Orange calcite- Orange Calcite has a wonderfully warm energy that promotes a sense of fun, playfulness and confidence.It’s an energy amplifier and mover. As such, it’s invaluable for soothing the Sacral Chakra, where stagnant creative or sexual energy may cause a blockage. Clearing these blockages boosts your motivation, talents and confidence.


Sunstone- This transforms a lack of confidence and self-belief into new levels of strength, enthusiasm and possibility. The gentle luminosity of sunstone also highlights your talents and abilities in their full glory.Use sunstone for nurturing your leadership qualities, boosting self-empowerment and reversing feelings of failure. 


Jade- made to provide you with a newfound sense of direction. This is a gemstone that will unleash your inner wisdom, help you be more self-sufficient, and add meaning to your life goals. As a crystal for confidence, Jade’s energy was made to awaken your spirit and connect you with your higher self. It works to attract the energies you desire and give you the confidence to envision a fresh, new outlook on life


Amazonite - Amazonite is a powerful crystal. It acts like a plug to prevent your confidence leaking away, while soothing fears and worries that can suppress confidence. It’s also great for attracting focus and good luck.


Rhodonite- Rhodonite is the stone of self-love and helps with balancing the yin and yang energies in your body. Expect to feel a self-confidence boost with this crystal as you’ll be able to use it when working through decisions or problems, helping you in doing so without judgment.