Beginner Guide To Choosing Crystals

There are no set-in-concrete rules when choosing. Maybe you like the color, shape or "look" of a crystal or maybe you're drawn to one for no particular reason. That's your intuition talking!! You may also find yourself feeling drawn to certain crystals more or less at times, just like moods its very possible for your crystal of choice to change.

Its also 100% ok to not know where to begin in choosing crystals.. maybe you're looking for one to help you in a specific way such as wanting a boost in self love, confidence or protection from negative energies, there's a crystal for almost everything & the great thing is most crystals can help with more then 1 thing. Take Clear Quartz for instance its known as the most versatile healing stone. Its known for amplifying any energy or intention. Not only can it help protect against negative energy but it also works to cleanse your aura & bring about spiritual growth. I recommend everyone have a piece in their collection.

Ive created a category dedicated to the best " Crystals for Beginners" (in my opinion) you'll find that each crystal's description lists the spiritual benefits for said stone. 

Not everyone collects crystals for their spiritual benefits & that is 100% ok!

Im always happy to answer any questions as best as I can, you can reach me by email or send me a dm on twitter or Instagram :)