Starter Crystal Boxes/Bundles

Starter Crystal Boxes/Bundles

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This box is perfect for Beginners, Novice, Intermediate & Advanced Collectors <3

each stone was handpicked & cleansed with love before going into the box :)

it includes: x1 of each- Tumbled Obsidian (protection), Rose Quartz (love), Satin Spar Stick aka Selenite (inner peace), Amethyst Pendulum (wisdom), Ice Quartz (Clarity/Amplification), Trolleite Bracelet (Manifestation), Blue Lace Agate (confidence), Black Tourmaline (purification), Green Fluorite (growth).


The first step in using your pendulum is to cleanse it. This is always a good thing to do when working with any crystals for the first time or after a period of energetic use. Cleansing the crystal can shake loose any blockages or off-kilter frequencies and prime it for receiving and transmitting messages loud and clear. To cleanse your crystal, you can use some of the following methods (just make sure they are suitable for your own type of crystal first.

  • Use herbs to cleanse
  • Place it beneath the full moon
  • Place it in a slant of sunlight for a short while
  • Leave it in the presence of other cleansing crystals

You should also make sure that you are centered too before you plunge into a pendulum session. Take a few gorgeous deep breaths or take a few minutes for meditation, maybe light a candle, take some quiet space, and quiet your mind so you can truly connect.

Pendulum moves 

Start by holding your pendulum in the palm of your hand for a few moments. This can help you to connect to it and forge an energetic bond. Next, you need to know your no from your yes. You can hold the pendulum a few inches above your palm and ask questions. Keep them simple - my name is...I live at.... etc., and make note of how the pendulum reacts to those yes and no statements. You could also skip this and simply set the pendulum with your own movement responses AKA tell your pendulum what movement means yes and no. This can help prevent things from becoming murky and vague. For example, you could choose left and right for no (like a head shake), front to back for yes, and round and round for maybe. You should take the pendulum between your index finger and thumb of your dominant hand and sit very still when using it. Demonstrate the moves and say the words that accompany each movement clearly (yes, no, maybe). This can help program your pendulum. 

Start small 

You can practice connecting with your pendulum by asking it to answer questions that you already know the answers for. For example, you can ask ‘ is my dog called Harry’, ‘is it raining today’, etc. This not only helps sync your energies but also can grant you more confidence in asking questions further on, as you explore the vibes of your swinging talisman. From here, you can move up to larger questions. 

Stay open-minded 

Working with pendulums takes time and patience so don’t expect it to go spinning off in clear directions. It may take time to build a relationship with your pendulum and it may take time for the pendulum to answer you. You also want to make sure you stay focused and open. Don’t force your mindset in one direction or the other as this could influence the pendulum. After a time, the force with which it swings can represent the power of the answer. For example, a gentle swing may be non-committal or approach with caution, whereas a full swing can be a wholehearted yes or no.


Pendulums are an awesome way to get clear and to connect to your inner core and external guiding energies. Just having a pendulum on hand can make you feel less overwhelmed and alone when it comes to making decisions that matter.